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You Could Benefit from Using a Valour Money Mastercard

You Could Benefit from Using a Valour Money Mastercard


The Valour Money card is a prepaid MasterCard and E-account which has been designed to prevent account holders from falling into debt. This has been accomplished through allowing those with the card to spend money that they have prepaid into the account which is unlike any other credit card. There are no hidden overdraft fees or charges for bounced payments so you can be rest assured that there won’t be any nasty surprises!

However, one nice surprise that you will get is a welcome gift of a 12 month Gourmet Society membership when you sign up for this service. The membership gives you 50% off your food bill at over 6000 restaurants throughout the UK so a great excuse to go out and have a good time whilst saving money! You can also pay for the meal using the funds that you have prepaid onto your Valour Money card without going overdrawn.

This Valour Money account can be managed 24/7 and can be used to have wages paid into, to set up direct debits and standing orders and to transfer funds. This card comes with no high interest rates or charges and utilises all the convenience of a MasterCard. It basically gives you complete control over your money and allows you to make payments any way that you need to without the risk of going into debt.

The Valour Money card can be used to pay in stores, over the phone, online and to make cash machine withdrawals and a second card can be ordered for a spouse, business partner, parent or child over 18. This means that you can follow the spending of both cards on one online account allowing you to track family spending, budget efficiently and ensure that funds are available in emergencies to the other Valour Money card holder.

What more could you want from a card? The possibility to earn cashback while you shop? The Valour Money card offers this too. You can earn a minimum of 2.5% cashback when you shop in over 20 different high street stores. You can see which stores offer cashback and how much they offer here: https://www.valourmoney.com/cashback-scheme.aspx

You could be taking advantage of all of these fantastic benefits for just £12.99 per month! Plus there is no contract so you are not obliged to keep your Valour Money E-account open for any length of time. With benefits like these I am sure that cancelling will be the last thing on your mind, behind going out for dinner and earning lots of lovely cashback!

For more information, and to apply for a Valour Money E-account please visit www.valourmoney.com.

By Sasha Davison


4th March 2014

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