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Valour Track Day 2014

Valour Track Day 2014


On Friday (17/01/14) the Valour Finance Group employees took to the Daytona Manchester track for some team building in go-karts! The competitors were split into 7 teams of 5, the teams were chosen randomly to ensure that members from different teams had the opportunity to bond, and got into their racing suits.

Prior to the race the drivers went through a safety briefing during which they watched a video featuring F1 legend Martin Brundle. They were also shown the track layout and told that they could split up the two hours driving between their teams as they wished. With all of the health and safety information absorbed by the team it was time to hit the track.

The racing started with every driver taking a practice lap to get used to the course. The last person from each team to drive a practice lap would start the race so the teams had to choose the order carefully. The practice laps went by with only a few minor incidents (which resulted in a couple of black flags) and then the two hour race began.

The race was tight between a couple of the teams but with the difference between the top and bottom teams sometimes reaching 15 laps the competition wasn’t that close overall! In the end it was Team 3 who won by just one lap over Team 6 and claimed the gold trophies and a bottle of champagne each. This result was met with mock suspicion due to the MD being part of the winning team but we are sure that there was no fixing involved!

The event was lots of fun and all who took part really enjoyed it. It was a great opportunity for people to spend time with those that are in different teams at work and allow the groups to come together over talk of best laps and incidents on the track! Congratulations to Team 3 on your win and good luck to everyone else for next time...

By Sasha Davison


20th January 2014

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