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Valentine's Day: It Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

Valentine's Day: It Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!


A lot of the talk on social media about Valentine’s Day at the moment is money related. I have seen many comments about people saving money for gifts or telling the world about their gift expectations. However, if you do want to celebrate Valentine’s Day there are some savings friendly ways to do it!

The classic Valentine’s present is the dozen red roses. The price of these magically increases around this peak date which means that this particular gift choice, although romantic, could cost you more money than you can really afford. For a cheaper alternative why not buy a rose plant? Not only is this a cheaper alternative but it will also last a lot longer!

Something else that can get more expensive around Valentine’s Day is a meal out at a restaurant; that’s if you are lucky enough to book a table! For a more personal night, which could also save you some money, cook a meal at home and have a romantic night it. Include your partner’s favourite food for extra brownie points. I have also seen people suggest a picnic style dinner (indoors of course) for a more relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

Along the same lines as the dinner at home idea you could have a movie night. Get in some DVDs or fire up Netflix and complement the films with popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix and soft drinks. You could also make your own sweets or chocolate; far more thoughtful and probably cheaper than the shop bought versions!

Other homemade, money saving gifts include scrapbooks and mixed CDs. A scrapbook could include photos, poems or mementos from your time together. You could also leave some pages at the back for future memories that you make together. A mixed CD, the updated version of the classic mixed tape, can include all of your partner’s favourite songs or songs that hold certain memories for the two of you.  These certainly are bargain presents which will make a great impression!

If you have a little more money to spend on a Valentine’s Day gift then an experience day is a great idea. You could treat your partner to an experience for them to take themselves or there are plenty of options for two people to enjoy together. Vouchercodes.co.uk currently has a 23% off code for Virgin Experience Days until 10th February so you could get yourself a great deal!

Whichever gift you decide on, whether bought or handmade, we hope you all have a lovely 14th February.

By Sasha Davison


4th February 2014

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