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Money Saving Easter School Holiday Ideas

Money Saving Easter School Holiday Ideas


All school holidays are likely to come with anxiety surrounding what you will do with the kids for a week or two, or maybe even six! The Easter school holiday is usually two weeks for the majority of schools which means the possibility of hearing the words ‘I’m bored’ is pretty high! Entertaining the kids while keeping your finances in check is one of the greatest difficulties brought on by school holidays but we have found some Easter related activities which are both fun and cheap that may save you over the next couple of weeks!

Our first tip is all about getting creative! A school holiday over Easter can be filled with Easter related crafts which can be both fun for the kids and their creations can be given to relatives as Easter presents-this could save you money which you would usually spend on chocolate eggs. The most obvious Easter craft is decorating eggs! For the cost of just six eggs the kids will be entertained for ages with felt tip pens, sequins and glitter. You can either hard boil the eggs for decorating or you can blow them so that they become hollow. Just make a hole in each end of the egg with a needle and then blow in one to make the white and yolk come out of the other!

Easter bonnets are another classic that are fun for children to make. You can either make a basic hat from cardboard or use a readymade hat if you have one spare! Once you have the hat the fun can really start. Decorate the bonnet using handmade flowers, pictures cut out of magazines or printed off the computer, ribbon and stickers. The bonnet can then be worn for Easter egg hunts or other Easter themed activities.

If kitchen based activities are more your thing you can bake some Easter goodies with the kids. Cornflake nests are very easy to make and are Easter themed with the addition of mini eggs and hot cross buns are a great classic that you could make and give as gifts to the family. Alternatively, bake some plain fairy cakes or cookies and let the kids go crazy with the decorating! A few icing pens and Smarties should do the trick!

Planning an Easter egg hunt is another classic activity which is perfect for the Easter holiday. The prizes do not need to be big, just a few mini eggs wrapped in foil will do, then hide these small treats around the garden before sending the kids outside armed with baskets and determination! If you have kids of moderately different ages you could colour code the prizes so that the prizes that the younger child is searching for are easier to find. That way no one will feel like they are missing out! An alternative to this is to go to a place which is great for walking and supply lists for a scavenger hunt. Items such as a smooth stone, a daisy and a feather need to be found by each child and when they have found them all they win their Easter egg. Hopefully the excitement and fresh air will wear them out a bit too!

One final idea is to visit a farm. Spring is the perfect time to visit a farm due to the likelihood that there will be newborn animals to see. Farms also often have walks that you can take which are great for spotting signs of Spring and can also be used for your scavenger hunt!

We hope that you have great fun this Easter and that our money saving ideas help you to manage your finances as well as your chocolate filled children!

By Sasha Davison



9th April 2014

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