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Last Minute Money Saving Holiday Tips

Last Minute Money Saving Holiday Tips


With the summer holiday season fast approaching we thought you might like a few tips on how to save money on those last minute things that can sometimes be forgotten.

Money can be saved just by shopping in the right places! For example, try to ensure that you buy all of your travel accessories before you get to the airport. It can be tempting to not get certain items in advance as you know they will be available at the airport but they will also be far more expensive! The airport shops are for those people who have to buy from them due to not being able to go anywhere else which means that they can put up their prices. To avoid these high costs try to buy your adapter plugs, eyes masks, travel pillows and ear plugs before you get to the airport.

The same goes for travel money. Once again, the exchange bureaus at the airport are used by people who are at the point where they are unable to go elsewhere so airports can offer less appealing exchange rates. Try to organise your currency before you go to the airport. Some of the cheapest exchange rates can be found online but if you have not left enough time to order it there are plenty of places you can get better exchange rates than the airport, possibly your local supermarket for example.

Whether you have booked a luggage allowance with your tickets, or booked flights which include a luggage allowance, there will always be a maximum weight that your luggage can be. If your luggage exceeds this weight you will be charged extra at check in and these fees are often quite high! You can avoid these extra charges through weighing your case at home before you leave for the airport. Stand on your bathroom scales and note the weight, then pick up the suitcase and note the weight again. The difference between the two weights is the weight of your luggage. Your luggage allowance will be stated in your booking information or you can check the website of the airline you are flying with. Also remember that if you are planning on shopping while abroad you should leave space for any additional items that you will be travelling back with to ensure that you don’t get stuck with pricy fees at your return airport.

Another way to save a bit of money is to take food with you for the plane. Although you are unable to take liquids over 100ml onto the plane with you, you are allowed to take food. If you get meals included with your flights then maybe take a few snacks with you anyway. Food on planes is notoriously expensive so you want to avoid paying those prices if you can.

Make a visit to your local library before you travel to hunt for some travel books. This way you can read up on your destination beforehand and also take the books with you for reference when you arrive. This will mean that you can save money on buying the books yourself. It will also save you money while you are away as you will not need to buy travel guides and will have a good idea of where you want to go and how you need to get there.

Finally, make sure that you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you travel in Europe. This card allows you to receive healthcare free of charge, or for a reduced cost, and covers treatments that you require in order to complete your visit. An EHIC also covers you for any pre-existing medical conditions plus routine maternity care (providing that you have not gone abroad to have the baby). 

We hope that these tips help you to save some money and wish you Happy Holidays!!!

By Sasha Davison



7th July 2014

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