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How to Save Petrol (and Money)

How to Save Petrol (and Money)


Despite recent decreases in petrol prices it seems that paying for fuel is disliked by all who drive a car on a regular basis. Whether you are using your car for commuting, taking the kids to school or going to do the food shop, petrol levels always drop a lot quicker than we would like. Through reading this blog you will find out about some great ways to make your petrol last longer; and who wouldn’t want that?!

Our first tip is to reduce unnecessary weight in your car. Whether this is emptying your boot and backseats of the bits and pieces that never quite make it into the house or removing your roof rack when it is not in use, the lighter the car, the less fuel you will use. This also means that only buying the amount of fuel that you need can help to save petrol too as a full tank only adds more weight.

Keeping your car in top condition will also help with keeping your petrol use to a minimum. Through having regular services you can ensure that your car is working as it should be and is, therefore, as efficient as it should be. Keeping your tyres at the right pressure and tread will also mean that your petrol consumption will be lower and the same goes for ensuring that you have the correct oil type, and amount, in your car too.

In the Winter having your windows open is unlikely to cause your petrol to run out quicker but in the Summer it is difficult to drive without letting some air into the car. However, having the windows open does increase drag meaning that your fuel will disappear a little faster. The same goes for if you have a roof rack or box on top of your car. If windows open and additions to the outside of your car are not necessary then don’t use them and save a bit of petrol money instead.

Now to discuss driving style. It is hard to believe that, with all of the advice available, people are still often seen to be driving like they have just robbed a bank! Unless you have just robbed a bank, which I seriously doubt..., you should keep your petrol spending at the front of your mind to influence your driving decisions. To save on fuel consumption you should aim to drive carefully and break as little as possible. Instead of breaking try to get into the habit of just lifting your foot off of the accelerator rather than leaving it to the last minute and breaking sharply. Plan your journey ahead to make sure that you are going to be using the most efficient route and avoid as many high traffic areas as possible.

If you are unfortunate enough to hit traffic, and think you may be stuck for a while, turn off your engine to save fuel. Even as little as a couple of minutes could help you to hold on to that extra bit of petrol! 

If you need help keeping track of your money when buying petrol and other essentials you can use the Valour Money card. This Mastercard can be topped up with the amount that you want to spend and will not allow you to go into debt meaning that you cannot accidentally overspend. You can also apply for a second card for the same account and top this up with petrol money for your teenagers! For more information visit www.valourmoney.com.

By Sasha Davison


16th April 2014

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