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How to Book an Affordable Holiday

How to Book an Affordable Holiday


Holidays are something that we all look forward to but sometimes it feels that they are a luxury that we cannot really afford. It may be difficult to justify taking out a loan or using a credit card to book a break away once in a while so we need to use some little money saving tricks to help us out!

Although you may have a romantic week for two in mind, if you would like to save on your accommodation costs it may be a good idea to arrange a group holiday instead. Splitting the cost of a holiday home or villa can bring the price right down per person plus ‘the more the merrier!!’ An alternative cheap accommodation idea is to go camping! Camping can be a great cheap holiday option as camping equipment can be picked up at low prices from most supermarkets now plus it is accommodation that you can use year after year!

When you think of hostels you may imagine the kind of accommodation that you would not want to set foot in. However, there are many hostels out there now with great reputations that would make a fantastic cheap accommodation choice for your holiday, especially if you are going to be spending your time exploring the area! Remember that you will barely spend any time in your accommodation while you are on holiday so do not spend over the odds on it. You can check customer reviews of different accommodation on TripAdvisor  to make sure that you are making a smart choice.

When you decide on the kind of holiday that you would like to take, it is a great idea to sign up to holiday offer emails such as Travelzoo, Dealchecker and Next Holiday. These will not only inform you of some of the best current travel deals but will also give you ideas about which tour operators are offering the best deals relevant to your holiday preference. You can also use holiday comparison websites to make sure that you are getting the best price for the flights and hotel that you want to book.

When it comes to booking your holiday it is best to do this either many months in advance or as late as possible! Booking early means that there will be lots of availability so prices will usually be lower than they will be a few months before departure. Booking late means that you may be able to get yourself a last minute deal from companies trying to sell any remaining spaces.

When booking your travel arrangements it is often cheaper to travel during unsociable hours. Although no one wants to start their holiday with a midnight trek to the airport it could save you a fair bit of money; then you can treat yourself to a strong coffee when you get there! If you need to book parking there are a number of comparison sites for this so make sure that you get the best service for your budget.

It is advisable to get your foreign currency prior to getting to the airport as the exchange rates in the airport will not be very good. Companies such as Travelex allow you to order your money online and often have the best exchange rates. If a travel agency advertise currency exchange with ‘no commission’ make sure you check the exchange rate as just because they are not taking commission it does not mean that you will be getting a good deal. Alternatively you could use a Valour Money card while abroad and avoid the risk of losing cash. For advantages of the Valour Money card please click here: https://www.valourmoney.com/news/you-could-benefit-from-using-a-valour-money-mastercard.aspx

Save money during your plane journey by packing light and taking food with you. If you can fit your luggage into a carry on bag you can avoid the charges that many budget airlines have for check in bags. Just make sure that you check the size and weight of the carry on bag you are allowed with your particular airline and do not take any liquids over 100ml. You can buy travel sized toiletries or decant them from your larger bottles into smaller ones. Airplane food is not only renowned for being tasteless but it is also very overpriced so taking snacks for the flight can save you some money to.

We hope that these ideas can help you to save a bit of money on your holiday and give you a little more spending money for while you are there!

By Sasha Davison


5th March 2014

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