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Great News! UK Unemployment Total Falls

Great News! UK Unemployment Total Falls


Great news today as new unemployment figures show that the UK job market is continuing to improve. During the three months leading to April the number of people out of work fell by a massive 161,000 meaning that the number of unemployed people in the UK is now 2.16 million. This includes youth unemployment (18-24 year olds) which stands at 853,000 unemployed and puts to percentage of unemployed people in the UK at 6.6% which is the lowest it has been in over five years!

Anyone who has been through the stress of having to search for a job can sympathise with those who are currently unemployed as sometimes, not matter how many applications you do, it is so difficult to get your lucky break and land a job. Having that job security and knowing that you are gaining work experience and earning money is a great feeling and the fact that the unemployment rate is dropping means that this is becoming a reality for lots more people in the UK which is fantastic!

The number of people claiming job seekers allowance has also fallen due to this with 27,400 less people now claiming this bringing the total down to 1.09 million. Many of these new jobs have been created in the public sector and the majority of people have found themselves full time work.

The prediction for future unemployment rates has now changed as a result of this and unemployment rates are now expected to continue to fall quickly to an estimated figure of 6.2% by the end of 2014 and 5.9% by the end of 2015.

News like this not only means that many more people in the UK have now found themselves in a position where they are receiving stable pay but is also a boost to those who are still seeking employment. The employment outlook looks to be bright and we hope that people continue to find work in this time of job market improvement.

By Sasha Davison



11th June 2014

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