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EU Roaming Charges Fall

EU Roaming Charges Fall


In the News: EU Roaming Charges Fall

The cost of using your smartphone while on holiday is dropping today (1st July) which is great news for those looking to travel this summer. Perfectly coinciding with the holiday season, the European Union have introduced a new cap on roaming charges in more than 40 countries. The caps on making and receiving calls and sending text messages have also been lowered meaning that everything you may use you smartphone for on holiday will now be cheaper!

In 2013 you would have been charged up to 45c per megabyte for using your phone to download material or to surf the internet. This cap has now been lowered to 20c which is around 16p. In 2012 you would have paid up to 70c per megabyte and when this service was first introduced in 2007 you would have paid 80-90% more per megabyte than you will be paying now!

What this Means for You

All of those selfies, or photos of the scenery, that you want to post online in order to make those family and friends that you have left behind jealous can now be shared for a fraction of the price that it would have been last summer. You will also be able to check emails, the weather forecast or the news without having to feel guilty about spending lots of money for the privilege.

The fall in roaming charges means that you will be able to use your smartphone abroad with less worry about returning home to a frighteningly high phone bill! As mentioned previously, the cost per megabyte has been reduced by over 50%. In addition to this, the cost of making a call while abroad used to be capped at 19p per minute and this has now been reduced to 16p per minutes while receiving a call used to be capped at 6p per minute and will now cost just 4p per minute. The cost of texting has also been reduced, although only by a small amount, from 6p to 5p per message.

What Next?

European politicians welcome these changes but feel that the charges for using your phone abroad should be the same as they are when you use it at home. The European Parliament voted for this to happen in April and it is now down to the other European governments to approve this idea. If this happens it could mean that we will not need to worry about overspending on our phones at all while we enjoy our holidays!


By Sasha Davison


2nd July 2014

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