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Christmas is a Time for... Shopping?

Christmas is a Time for... Shopping?


It has been predicted that Christmas Day 2013 is going to see the more online shopping than any previous Christmas Day with and expected 117 million visits to websites. With retailers moving their sales forward, with some starting as early as this evening, it seems that Christmas Day is no longer just for spending time with family but also for spending more money!

With Christmas Eve being a notoriously popular shopping day for those who leave things a little late it seems that the early sales are encouraging more people to leave their present buying until the last minute. Around 17.5 million shoppers will be hitting the shops on this day and 2.5 million of them are thought to still have over half of their Christmas shopping left to do! The pressure is definitely on for those individuals!

With the high street being closed on Christmas Day shoppers will be turning their attention to the retailer’s websites and 45 million hours are predicted to be spent online shopping by UK consumers between the 24th and 26th December! Year on year visits to retailer’s websites are predicted to rise 22% on Christmas Eve, 9% on Christmas Day and 5% on Boxing Day. Although if history is anything to go by it may be best to spend any vouchers that you are given for Christmas sooner rather than later-plus you will get much more for your money in the sales!

Christmas Day now seems to be a significant day in the consumer’s shopping calendar and December is the month in which most online shopping is done with 3 billion visits to retails websites in December this year-that is the highest number of visits in a single month ever!

Good luck to all of you still shopping; we hope that you find the bargain presents that you are looking for!

By Sasha Davison


24th December 2013

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